Nike's X-ray tights


Nike Women's new performance tights digitally printed with X-ray images.


    1. Are the women’s tights structurally different enough that you couldn’t wear them? Sometimes the only difference is the label.

  1. That’s interesting…hard to tell on the front, but the back image seems to be of someone who had screws put in their hip joints.  Wonder what the decisionmaking process was behind that.

    1. The new Nike Women’s Exclusive Print tight is a performance based pant for the athlete unafraid to make a statement. On the outside, she might be the girl next door, but on the inside, her body has survived grueling workouts, often pushing through pain, broken bones, pulled muscles and harsh tears. 

  2. The knee bone joint in the white pair is so far below the actual knees, it’s really disconcerting.

  3. The appear to have sawn out the poor womans entire pubic arch,  The top of the pelvis and lumbar vertebrae should be up around the real navel.  In real life the tail bone (coccyx) terminates just above the anus, and in women it is shorter than men to make room for the birth canal.

    They seem to have put the widest part of the pelvis  (iliac crest)  where the greater trochanter of the femur should be.  That means the whole pelvis is about 5″ too low. 

    In the back where they show the pelvis filling the curve of the lower buttocks, that’s just the gluteus maximus in a relaxed position with the hamstring under it..  The pelvis is much higher.

    For reference, where the spine meets the pelvis we can see the “dimples of Venus”

    1. “Dimples of Venus”… that was the Anais Nin adaptation that Shirley Temple starred in, wasn’t it?

      1. That’s just so wrong.

        However, I once bought a bargain bin VHS tape of Shirley Temple shorts (You know, for the kids) and the oldest low budget shorts with Shirley about 4 years old had her vamping and flirting with older men.  Creepy as hell. 

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