NY AG urges breast cancer charities to be transparent on where pink dollars go


6 Responses to “NY AG urges breast cancer charities to be transparent on where pink dollars go”

  1. ComradeQuestions says:

    This reminds me of the recent news that with the NFL’s pink breast-cancer branded gear, the NFL pockets almost all of the money.  Generally, I hate the gamification of charity like this.  If you want money to go to a good cause, just donate to that cause.  I question whether the awareness raised by these types of things really offsets the inherent overhead.

  2. Boundegar says:

    Transparency?  Consumer protection?  Why does Schneiderman want everybody to die of breast cancer?  Look over there – pink merchandise!

  3. legotech says:

    Totally agree something needs to be done when every other product in the grocery store or Target is “pink for the cure”. Or when every convenience store is selling car magnet ribbons for whatever is in the news.

  4. EH says:

    So this is what Schneiderman has been doing since he tossed all of his foreclosure fraud work into the dustbin of history. Could be worse, I guess.

  5. Buy this pink magnetic ribbon for your car. Support the magnetic ribbon industry!

  6. That_Anonymous_Coward says:

    NY doing more crap to keep people distracted from the abuses happening in NYC.

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