Paranormal Activity 4 has been infiltrating all of your social media with secret plot things

Dread Central has been doing a little bit of investigating into the viral campaign being run by Paranormal Activity 4. Accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube apparently belong to a man named Jacob Degloshi from Henderson, Nevada. But appearing in one picture he's shared on Twitter is a young blonde woman named Alex, who happens to be a character (not an actress) in the newest installment of the found-footage franchise. And, Dread Central points out, the pool and the house in one of the videos should look very familiar... I like this expansion on the viral, Blair Witch approach to movie promotion, even though the whole "fact or fiction" element is clearly absent. But similar to The Walking Dead's web videos that go into stories about people who aren't the main characters, this is a cool way to build the mystery. (via Dread Central)


  1. Glad you picked up this story, because I want to know WTF a tweet raving about this movie was doing in my twitter stream. It’s posted by someone I don’t follow, and has not been retweeted by anyone I follow. So how did it get in my feed?
    Is this the start of unsolicited adverts in our twitter feeds? If so, then its a serious breach of the social contract on how twitter is supposed to work.

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