Pharisee quits

Conservative thinker Dinesh D'Souza split his time between haranguing the president over "traditional values", getting engaged to a 29-year-old woman who is not his wife, and being president of an evangelical college. Alas, the college gig didn't work out.


  1. The summary makes it sound like getting engaged to someone before you marry them is some kind of offense.

      1. His “fiance” is also married. It balances out. Why do liberals hate traditional marriage so much?

    1. They’re all married. Just not to the people they’re engaged to. This is the sanctity of traditional marriage. It’s just SO goddamn important you have to do it in parallel, to combat the gays who are trying to destroy it.

  2. Given that D’Souza was still married, it was a little awkward that he had a fiancée. Still more awkward: taking her as his companion to a family values convention. Oops! (Maybe he really *is* as stupid as I’ve suspected!)

    1. Even more awkward that he wasn’t even trying very hard to hide this relationship. As if he was expecting everyone else to be as morally corrupt as he is.

      1. I doubt that the concept of “everyone else” makes much of a dent in his consciousness.

      2. In a nation where Congresscritters stood and applauded an adulterer who was caught, because he gave a meaningless apology?

  3. It’ll likely turn out not be his fault, as deep study will reveal he was subconciously influenced by his dad’s anticolonialism and by left wing society’s multiculturism. 

  4. This is basically the same as the British conservatives’ “Back to Basics” thing in the early 1990s: a self-delusory belief that other people will implicitly appreciate the everyday compromises that you make on the way to upholding traditional values. 

    1. And Craig, and Swaggart, and Thurmond, and Barr…

      The list is pretty darned endless just for the politicians.  Just wait until I get started on the list of evangelical preachers caught dilling their pickles in the wrong barrel…

  5. The road to moral hyper hypocrisy is getting so furrowed, it’s beginning to resemble the Santa Fe Trail. These poor, poor souls can’t seem to get their wagon out of other people’s ruts.

    Here’s more on the “other woman” (warning: grab a bottle of Purell to have handy before you click):

    On her blog – entitled “I, Denise, Lust After…” – she described herself in April as Mrs. Odie Joseph. The following month she wrote, “I was already going to vote for Romney because my husband told me to.”

    In the “about me” section, she called herself a “conservative bloggette” who believes that “women should be the moral guardians of their homes.” She also called herself a “strong believer in the concept of Republican Motherhood.”

    She was married just ten months before her trip to the family values conference with D’Souza. You can’t make this kind of stuff up (and make it seem believable).

  6. “Conservative thinker?”

    Maybe, instead of conserving thought, he should try USING some.

  7. “Chickens come home to roost. Being an old farm boy myself, chickens coming home to roost never did make me sad; they’ve always made me glad.” — Malcolm X, December 1, 1963.

  8. Anyone seen his movie?  It is revolting to one’s common sense.  It basically intones, once again, the Tea Party chant “Obama is destroying America.”  If anything is a candidate for “destroying” America (or America’s intelligence at least), it is the peculiar type of propaganda that D’Souza, Coulter, Beck, and Fox News disseminate.

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