In an item that actually has nothing to do with the "development hellish" Ghostbusters 3, Deadline is reporting that director Ivan Reitman will be directing the "reboot" (that's what they're calling it here) beginning next summer. So, that is, apparently, happening. What is not happening is Bill Murray being a part of this movie. And there is your latest entry in the Ghostbusters 3-Bill Murray Involvement Saga. If you've been keeping track, this is the second Ghostbusters 3-related item in a row to report this without any contradicting statements by Bill Murray. So, if a third story comes up stating that he won't be involved, expect Bill Murray to show up at a kickball game somewhere and say "It's showtime!" (via Deadline)

7 Responses to “Ivan Reitman has a de-Murrayed Ghostbusters 3 on his schedule for next summer”

  1. bcsizemo says:

    But Bill Murray wasn’t even in Beetlejuice…

  2. Sirkowski says:

    This movie was gonna suck even if Bill Murray was gonna be in it. At least now Bill Murray is spared.

  3. alfanovember says:

    Ghostbusters.  Good movie. Saw it when I was nine.  I understand this posting to be in some way about Ghostbusters. 

    Apart from that, this article is an intelligible trainwreck.

  4. Talk about a coincidence.  My calendar for next year doesn’t have any “Ghostbusters 3″ entries in it.

  5. If I may, I have some Ghostbusters reboot cast suggestions which, dare I say, may improve upon the original.

    -Ray Stanz: Rob Cordry
    -Egon Spengler: Jon Hodgeman
    -Winston Zedmore: Craig Robinson
    -Pete Venkman: Joe McHale
    -Jeanine Melnitz: Audry Plaza
    -Louis Tully: Rick Morranis
    -Dana LNU (Sigorney Weaver): Felicia Day
    -Gozer: Signorney Weaver

  6. egriff5514 says:

    Until just now, I was convinced I had SEEN Ghostbusters 3… I think I’ll continue right on with that.

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