Zombie Rave: chopped and screwed gloom house music


Don't be fooled by the promotional DJ sticker, "Zombie Rave" is in fact a proper full length from weirdo witch house / ghost drag outfit First Flesh, the dead eyed seventies zombie hottie on the cover your first clue as to what lurks inside Zombie Rave, and actually, the jams here sound less Zombie Rave, and more warped new wave chopped and screwed eighties house pop, which is not a bad thing at all. Imagine some Rick Astley style cheesy eighties pop vox slowed way down, to a ghostly, almost Antony (And The Johnsons) sounding dramatic baritone, then lay those vocals over some woozy slo-mo house music, some HI-NRG grooves, sapped of most of their energy, and recast as a sort of symphonic gloom house.

The second track takes those same vocals and wraps them around pulsing synths and ominous tolling bells, the whole thing rife with a 'wrong speed' vibe, a dark drowsy drag, a ghostly house music pop ballad that sounds like it could be the music from some cheesy montage in a seventies zombie arthouse flick.

The flipside starts out with another slab of ghostly draggy gloom pop, the vocals sounding auto-tuned, but instead of tuned up, tuned WAY down. The final track is more pounding and industrial, but mixes in a crazy poppy chorus, a sped up Kesha style radio pop chorus, which sounds so weird with the otherwise gloomy pound, but somehow sounds so cool at the same time! Fans of weirdo witch house will dig for sure, and folks who like the warped pop of Ariel Pink, John Maus and the like, might also find themselves getting into FF quite a bit...

First Flesh "Zombie Rave" LP

UPDATE: Boing Boing's Rob points out that the source of the Moonlight Shadow track on this album is this track by DDR Music!


  1. Kinda cool, but I wonder how many people on Boing boing know what chopped and screwed is or were the style originated.

    1. Dancehall?

      Edit. WRONG. Wiki: “Chopped and screwed music was created by DJ Screw in the early 1990s. Part of the chopped & screwed music scene is a beverage known as purple drank (the active ingredients being codeine and promethazine[1]); the color purple, which is usually present as a dye in the “drank,” has also become a symbolic color or motif to identify chopped and screwed versions of songs or whole albums. The 2007 documentary film Screwed In Houston produced by VBS/Vice Magazine details the history of the Houston rap scene and the influence of the Chopped and Screwed sub-culture on Houston hip-hop.”

    2. Blue,

      Don’t underestimate the Boinger Mediavore Community!

      I didn’t have to go to Google to know it’s a kind of slowed-down–VERY slowed down–hiphop, with very heavy beats, has elements of “slowed down record.”  Related to subculture of drinking cough syrup (especially that containing coedine) for the low. Originated in Texas.

      Do I get a cookie?  :D

    3. And how many know what witch house is? Hint: it started as a joke here in Denver. And now the joke has taken life, apparently.

        1. not that i would know, per say, but swim declares that which house and that house are perfectly matched for times when swim might find oneself swimming with hallucinogenic properties

      1. I got into witch house a good while back when I randomly hit on the Mater Suspiria Vision videos on youtube.  A couple of days later I was at party and some guy was playing witch house and I said “Wow, I just discovered this shit on youtube a few nights back,” and he said “Yeah, its been out for a couple of months.  Apparently, some people have already proclaimed the scene dead because about 6,000 people have heard of it.”
        I thought that was funny.

  2. The Moonlight Shadow track is by a band called MElody and Mezzo, who have tracks up on iTunes. They are a speed house band, funny to hear it slowed down
    Dave@ninthwaverecord:disqus s.com

    1.  So basically, the “First Flesh” people just took the song and slowed it down?  That’s the laziest ripoff I’ve ever heard.  I wonder if all the songs on this thing are just slowed down versions of someone else’s work.

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