Cory coming to Vancouver this weekend

Hey, Vancouver! I'm headed your way tomorrow for a pair of ticketed appearances at the Vancouver Writers Festival, the first with William Gibson at 2PM, then another at 5PM with Margaret Atwood and Pasha Malla. On Sunday at 6PM, Kidsbooks (one of the last great independent children's bookstores in the country) is hosting an event for me at the West Point Grey United Church. On Monday at 11AM I'll be at the Great Northern Way Campus Centre for Digital Media at 11AM, and then at Victoria's Bolen Books at 7PM. After that, I head to Seattle, Toronto, and Boston -- here's the whole schedule. Be there or be somewhere else, but if you can, be there!


  1. The writer’s festival links are broken at the moment, which is sad as this is the first I’ve heard that it was going on…
    The church is right around the corner from where I live… but the link you provided is just the church’s homepage, and has nothing to do with the event.

    Kidsbooks’s events page has info:
    And a link to a PDF with their flyer for it here:

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