Retro City Rampage

Retro City Rampage is a curious game. In development for a good decade, the resulting hodge-podge of genres, technologies and influences resulted in a kind of ultra-ironic 16-bit GTA, packed with a bonanza of weird subgames. The tagline says it all: "Carjack the 80s at 88 MPH". But is it any good? Alec Meer at RPS: "I think it’s enjoyable? But I don’t know. I think it does whatever the hell it is it’s trying to do well? But I don’t know. I think people will love it? But I don’t know."


  1. commando, ghost busters, paperboy, bionic commando, gta, mario, smash tv, road rash, streets of rage, virtual boy, super meat boy, bit-trip, epic mealtime, pitfall, q-bert, sonic, back to the future, alex kidd, bill and ted, vanilla ice, thundercats…… *RETROGASM!*

    1. Well, 2-3 years under the current name, but many more before that when it was a NES homebrew called “Grand Theftendo”. I’ve personally waited over 7 years for this to be released in some form, shame the xbox live version isn’t ready yet…

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