Andrea Seabrook's DecodeDC

Andrea Seabrook had a brilliant career at National Public Radio (NPR), and spent the last several years covering Congress in Washington, D.C. If you listen to NPR, you know her voice, and likely perked up when the anchors threw it over to her to give insight into the latest federal nonsense. Seabrook recently walked away from that rare thing, a stable job in public radio doing precisely what she loves, to start a podcast called DecodeDC hosted by the new Mule Radio Syndicate. She has three episodes of truthtelling in the can so far.

Seabrook says that NPR didn't force her to lie, but neither did it let her tell the unvarnished truth that everyone in D.C. politics knows, but nobody speaks. Now, unbound in her own podcast, she's burning my ears off explaining the stuff that has always bothered me without being able to put my finger on it. In episode 2, "Mind Control," for instance, she follows the entry of neuroscience into politics, and, along the way, details why Republicans universally describe those across the aisle as the "Democrat Party" instead of its proper name, the "Democratic Party."

Seabrook plans a season of 30 episodes, and is following the model earlier this year of Roman Mars with his 99% Invisible radio show and podcast, by raising the core money necessary to pay the bills and produce the show. The crowdfunding campaign has a couple of hours left, and she's hit her goal.


  1. I picked up on it when they started using the “Democrat Party” phrase, and I’m upset to see that Democrats have started using it as well.

    1. Solution: Break off a new party that abandons the flaws of the Democratic Party that ultimately will get reabsorbed into the Democratic Party as per the obligatory falsely dichotomous two party system, sort of like an anti-Tea Party that re-rails the Democrats in the opposite respect that the Tea Party has derailed the Republicans.

    1. rafterman,
      Would you do us all the kindness of listing ALL of the things you’ve never heard of right here in this thread so you know, you don’t have to say it every time you post?

  2. Just listened to the first podcast, and it was wonderful!  I had no idea that they had originally planned to set a maximum number of constituents per representative in the first amendment to the constitution.  I’m going to queue up the next podcast immediately.

  3. The “Democrat Party” construction is akin to using “Jew” rather than “Jewish,” or “China” rather than “Chinese,” when modifying a noun. The words “Democrat,” “Jew,” and “China” are perfectly fine nouns; but when used as adjectives they are simply slurs.

  4. It’s traditional in the arts to adopt the worst thing any critic says about you as the name of your movement. Cubist, Fauve, Impressionist, Punk for that matter, all started as insults. The attitude is “That is what you call what I do/am and I am proud of what I do/am, therefore you can call me that all day.” I think there are examples of this in other areas as well.

    Own it, defuse it, turn it around, mental judo if you will.

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