Secret Garden, relax-em-up browser game

The Secret Garden (play) is a relaxing trip around a mysterious polygon-tastic pastoral landscape. The Garden's deligts include jumping around and Buddha-hurling. [via Free Indie Games]


  1. I don’t think there is anything of substance. It looks to be a concept demo rather than anything else. The same sort of thing you would get with early 90’s DIY VR books.

    A shrub moves a rock but won’t move other shrubs

    the insect status passes through everything

    the rock moves pretty much everything

    the buddha statue plows everything down, but if you hit pine trees the behavior is inconsistent.
    Sometimes it spins you around, or knocks you up abit. If you hit it just the right way, you launch yourself out of the game boundaries, requiring a reset.

    1. And yet, much of your description reads like a Zen koan. Especially “The insect status passes through everything.”

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