Groucho meets Bradbury

Here's a clip of a young Ray Bradbury appearing on Groucho Marx's "You Bet Your Life," being awesome.

Ray Bradbury on Groucho's "You Bet Your Life" (via IO9)


  1. *swoons in delight* I must say, I wish that they would do shows like this these days. …And that we had people who were this fluent more often on TV.

  2. This just made my day. Watching that all I could think of was his story
    “The Time Machine” about the young boys growing up in the 1930’s who talk with the old Civil War veteran and how he can bring to life the sights and sounds of long ago and far away. So here we have 35 year old Mr. Bradbury paired with this Laetitia woman who looks to be in her 70’s? This was in 1955 which would have placed her birth at sometime in the 1880’s….and when she was a young woman she probably met old folks who remembered the early 1800’s very clearly….and then Ray makes it all the way into 2012 and  the ISS and Curiosity on Mars.

    Time is not nearly as long as we think it is.

      1.  I subscribe to the “no past, no future,only now” theory. It’s all happening right now, just in different parts of the multiverse. I mean, look at your monitor, there’s RAY BRADBURY talking with GROUCHO MARX!!!

  3. What’s weird to me about this is that Bradbury was already a celebrity writer by the 1940s, and not just in fandom, thanks to his stories in the Saturday Evening Post and the New Yorker. And he was well known outside literary circles as well. His stories had by this time been widely adapted for radio and live TV. (Check out the 1940s radio series Suspense  for terrific adaptations of Kaleidescope and Mars Is Heaven.)

    And yet Groucho goes through with the charade. This appearance was probably just as surreal for contemporary viewers as it is for us.

    [Confidential to Ray B. in CA: The brush cut is much more flattering than the Prince Valiant ‘do.]

  4. I love Groucho’s accent!  “In nineteen fohty tree, Gary Coopah and Ingrid Boigman starred in a movie voision of a novel by Ahnest Hemingway”

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