Humble Ebook Bundle breaks the $1,000,000 barrier

Just now, a few minutes before 10AM Pacific, the Humble Ebook Bundle crossed the $1 MILLION mark. Yes, it's an arbitrary round number, but it's a BIGGUN! For those of you who haven't clocked it, the Humble Ebook Bundle is a collection of 13 ebooks -- science fiction, fantasy, and graphic novels -- for which you can name your price, and designate some or all of your money to charity in the process. I'm over the danged MOON. You've got just about three days to get in on the deal before it vanishes!


  1.  … and (not that it matters but wtf) Linux is in the lead for average individual payments! Yay! :D Come on windows users!!! We and the Mac-cultists are beating you! Do it for charity and to (somehow magicly and by no real way by paying more) prove your OS is better ;)

    1. Linux is always, always in the lead for average individual payments. (Even when it makes no sense; these are books. :)

      There’s an article about the phenomenon somewhere in the humble blog.

    2. For what it’s worth, that trend seems to happen with the game bundles….read into it what you will ;)

      Anyway, congrats for this Cory, great start to what will hopefully be a long running series of bundles!

  2. So much good stuff in there. I couldn’t resist. There were 2 or 3 in there that I was planning on reading eventually anyway, so it was easy to drop $25 on it.

    Edit: As far as which OS is leading the way, Windows has sold more copies than Max and Linux combined, so you would expect the Windows average to be lower.

    1.  Look don’t bring logic into this! We paid more! You suck! Now go buy more bundles to boost your stats lowly windows user… if your not nice I will start spelling Microsoft with a dollar sign and sleep with katanas under the bed!

    2. As far as which OS is leading the way, Windows has sold more copies than Max and Linux combined, so you would expect the Windows average to be lower.

      I don’t think that actually makes sense; that’s not how averages work.

      1. Well, since there are more Windows users, you can expect that group to be more diverse than Linux or Max users. And really, my thinking was just that college students are more likely to be windows users and pay less for pay-what-you-want products. But it’s not a foolproof argument, and from a statistical point you are correct.

    3. Forgive me if this is an obvious question, but is this determined by what device you BOUGHT the package from, or what device you redeem the code with?  I bought two bundles with a Windows device (one for me, one as a gift) and downloaded mine to an Android tablet and the other is going to a Nook by way of a Linux machine.  

      1. in the bottom of the page you use to download the files from there is a “Your Humble Bundle settings” where you can specify “Which platform(s) would you like your contribution to count as, for statistical purposes” (multiple choice possible between Mac OS X, Win, and Linux).

  3. I just purchased them all, and realised that I’ve also started to take being in a Humble Bundle as a mark of quality; I don’t know half the authors, but I’m almost sure I’ll love the package. It’s rare that I have so much trust in a company, but HBs have been consistently awesome.

    1. I’d been meaning to read “Old Man’s War” since I’d enjoyed “Redshirts”.  Holy cow.  You win, Mr. Scalzi.  I’m buying all the rest of that series now.  All the feels, as the kids say.

  4. Hey, I would totally do this, but if I haven’t read it already, I”m not interested in the remaining ones. Do it again with a different set of books…. Please?

  5. Buying the books prompted me to re-download some of the games from an earlier bundle. I had never tried Penumbra before, because my older mac wasn’t up to it. Wow, it’s a creepy game, so dark. Anyway, hooray for humble bundles!

  6. Yay Humble Bundles! I got the first eight when the average was around $11… I was super shocked to get an additional five later! I love the Humble Bundle guys, they’re consistently quality and affordable.

  7. Pardon my ignorance (and impertinence), by my rough calculations this means that each author in the bundle could expect to receive about $80,000 or so. That sounds a lot to me, but if you don’t mind me asking, how does this compare to profit made on physical sales of your average book? Does the Humble Bundle give the authors a great deal? I guess it probably does but just interested.

    1.  I am not an author either, but I would imagine a LOT of sales from people who would not really buy their books otherwise — like me.  I already had my next six or so book reads planned out, and NONE of these were on the list.  I was even NOT going to buy it, but when they added the first two Penny Arcade books and an XKCD book, that was what made me bite.

      I have purchased almost every humble bundle sold so far.  As far as the games, I have tried a few, and found most of them to be not really my taste, so for the games that I HAVE actually played and liked, I have paid an above-average amount if you count the entire amount that I have spent on the bundles.

      On the other hand, if you are a game developer, this is a great deal. 1000 people at $20 each is a lot less than 50,000 people at $1 each — even if only 1000 people end up playing your game.

      Really, this “bundle” thing is a bubble — it cannot really last forever.  It succeeds because it bucks the trend.  I buy because, psychologically, it feels like an “opportunity” so I tend to buy even if I do not really want many (or any of the games).  As this becomes more popular (there are several copy-cats already), the “bundles” will become the norm, and I will be less likely to buy.

      For the record, I still support Humble because it is completely DRM free.  There are others (like Indie Gala) that are sometimes DRM free, but other titles are Steam-only.  If I *HAVE* to have DRM, Steam is not bad, but I prefer no DRM.  There are so many good games from Humble and, I really have no need to go to Steam any more, even if it means that I have to wait a couple of years for the latest shiny game.

  8. Maybe I don’t understand this: it appears there are 6 books you can get by naming your own price. But to get the remaining 7 books “unlocked” you must pay at least $13.99.  Still a good deal – but not really “name your own price”.

    1. the 13.99 is the average price paid by customers so far.  the deal has always been, if you pay at least that average, extra stuff gets unlocked.   you can pay what you want..for the bundle. The average tends to go down as time goes on, you can always wait a few days until it gets down to a price you feel meets your needs.

      1. If people want the extras, then it tends to go up. Example right now it is: $14.02. So people need to pay $14.03 to unlock it and enough people do that and the price continues to go up. It will only go down if people don’t want the extra 7 books.

  9. I wish Penny Arcade weren’t in here. I would get the pack for my partner otherwise, but we don’t support artists who make light of rape.

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