Caturmonday: Caption this

"Segundo," a photograph shared in the Boing Boing Flickr pool by Boing Boing reader Bill of Providence, Rhode Island. It begs for image-macro-fication.


  1. I can barely fathom the naivety of the cat for whom to haz cheezburger was to be happy; and, yet, that cat was I not so long ago…

  2. “I don’t always drink out of the dog’s water. But when I do, I prefer to bully him out of my way.”

  3. You went on holiday and left me for 2 weeks with complete strangers and you expect me to be nice to you…

    1.  whoa, dude.  hivemind.

      if i hadn’t had to re-size the file twice before Disqus would let me post it, I would have beat you!

  4. I am so fucking sick of this stupid cat meme on the internets. How is this still a “thing” after 10 friggin’ years?!  (That’s the caption, but my thoughts as well.)

    1. Clowns? Who’s still amused by clowns?! They’ve been around for friggin’ centuries already…

      And don’t even get me started on puppets…

  5. Mr. Fumpkins’ had grown increasingly bored by the 10-minute standing ovations he recieved as a matter of course. He was, however, now trapped by his imposed social conventions; forced to endure the applause for their duration as his accolytes endeavoured to show their loyalty and shield themselves from any perceived lack of vigour in their adulation and the inevitable horrendous consequences.

    1. Gimme a TV and a good hot meal! I said a nap in the sun, a friend to go for a run, the only thing that matters is… how good you feel!

  6. “Your food-dish-filling initiatives of the last fiscal quarter have consistently fallen short of the expectations of the board.”

  7. I will walk into the living room in the middle of your dinner party and start beating off in the corner and there is nothing you can do about it.

  8. My name says I take second place,
    but take just one look at this face –
    I’m not number two,
    No silly, that’s you!
    It’s a good thing God blessed me with grace.

  9. Just three more weeks in the Office of the Damned and then it’s me in a Speedo on the beach in Ibiza.

  10. The cat pic – that is no pussy – It’s the Cylon of Athon.

    Let’s explain, for brevity, here’s a list:

    Number Zero:  Cylon of Athon, last (known) survivor of the Feliform Cylon ruling model of the Original Earth.

    Number One: John Cavil

    Number Two: Leoben Conoy

    Number Three: D’Anna Biers

    Number Four: Simon O’Neill

    Number Five: Aaron Doral

    Number Six: Caprica-Six et al.

    Number Seven: Daniel

    Number Eight: Boomer, Athena

    And…the Final Five, humaniform Cylons from the Original Earth, who convinced the Colonial Centurions to sign a cease of hostility with the Colonies. 

    Four of the Final Five were betrayed, their minds altered with synthetic amnesia and placed among the Colonial humans by John Cavel, under orders from  _Number_Zero_:  The Cylon of Athon – a Feliform Cylon, the only (known) survivor of the Ruling Model of the original Cylons of the first Earth.

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