Louis C.K. has more sketch comedy experience up his sleeve than you think

While an undeniable comedic genius, Louis C.K. is not well-known for his wild, wacky array of characters or impressions, so it was weird (though not unpleasant) to hear that he'd be hosting Saturday Night Live on November 3. But recall that the show thrived on hiring standup comedians in the early 1990s -- and they nearly hired Louis C.K. Splitsider has the award-winning comedian's history with the show, including his contributions to TV Funhouse, and why it doesn't seem like such a strange idea after all. (via Splitsider)


  1. It can backfire. Zach Galifianakis’ monologues have been outstanding but his acting on the show hasn’t been impressive. Maybe our expectations for actor-comedians is too high.

  2. He goes on for one night, gets paid well, and moves on with his career and life. I don’t think anyone’s career has ever been affected from having a bad night hosting SNL and people rarely remember those that have a good night hosting SNL. Seriously, who even watches SNL? It’s been awful for years.

    I don’t get why this is a problem or why I should care, but the article about his early career was interesting, so that’s appreciated. The commentary however is not.

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