Louis C.K. has more sketch comedy experience up his sleeve than you think


7 Responses to “Louis C.K. has more sketch comedy experience up his sleeve than you think”

  1. i don’t think anyone thinks Louis CK and SNL would be an odd match, but did anyone see Daniel Craig?  terrible.

  2. retrojoe says:

    It can backfire. Zach Galifianakis’ monologues have been outstanding but his acting on the show hasn’t been impressive. Maybe our expectations for actor-comedians is too high.

  3. [A] says:

    Someone/something actually funny on SNL? Get outta here.

  4. False premise. They bring people on all the time who do not have a ” wild, wacky array of characters or impressions”

  5. jacklaughing says:

    He goes on for one night, gets paid well, and moves on with his career and life. I don’t think anyone’s career has ever been affected from having a bad night hosting SNL and people rarely remember those that have a good night hosting SNL. Seriously, who even watches SNL? It’s been awful for years.

    I don’t get why this is a problem or why I should care, but the article about his early career was interesting, so that’s appreciated. The commentary however is not.

  6. timquinn says:

    “not well-known for his wild, wacky array of characters” Hello? Pooty Tang. Case closed.

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