Mold growing behind refrigerator looks like Jesus

"I took a picture on my mobile and then wiped it off -- it might look like Jesus but I've got three kids and can't be doing with mould in my house." -- Kenny Iddenden, atheist. (Via Arbroath)


  1. Bullshit.

    That is Terl, the Psychlo security chief of Earth, as gloriously portrayed by John Travolta in his film masterpiece, Battlefield Earth.

        1. You’re on to something here.  He’s even wearing the aviators!

          Have we found the FSM’s only begotten son?  The news brought by a lone voice crying in the kitchen? 

  2. I would have traveled a thousand miles and then paid you one dollar to let me pray before it and maybe pull my hair a bit while crying.

    Was tSoGoLiH crying when you wiped it off?

    1. Sane people should keep an eye out for these things so that we can scratch an upside down pentacle on them before the ruckus starts.

      1. Sane people simply wouldn’t see Mary in a blob shaped scar on a tree!  I’ve a belief that we wouldn’t have Abrahamic religions at all if we didn’t have schizophrenics.

    2. There was a tree near my house that’s shape kind of resembled a lady’s bits. Someone painted it various shades of pink and it looked much better.

  3. It’s funny how they always jump to jesus and mary for these things. Nonwithstanding that the modern images of them are incredibly anacronistic… who’s to say it’s not the ghost of some random hippy that was killed in the house back in the 70’s and burried under the rosebush?

  4. Since at first I saw a very buxom naked wench riding a horse (or perhaps a Sybian), it was hard for me to see the face. But yes, I guess the face is at least as convincing as the lady. Not as pleasing to the eye, though.

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