Russell Means, Native American activist and actor, dead of cancer at 72


6 Responses to “Russell Means, Native American activist and actor, dead of cancer at 72”

  1. ZedZero says:

    I met him years back and was impressed with his positive attitude and strength of character. Nothing to be sad about. It was a life lived large. I’ll never get half as much out of mine.

  2. scottman says:

    I met Russell and Dennis Banks in Minneapolis in ’69 while working on a civil disobedience project in high school. They were in a second floor walk up. As a young, white, lad I was nervous as to whether they would be willing to help me. Russell and Dennis were very friendly and encouraging to me. Later on, in college, Russell spoke to us about AIM and his view of things. I was always impressed by his dedication and willingness to share. While there are those who would disagree with his tactics, I think he was instrumental in getting more exposure to native american issues. I hope he is remembered well as he should be.

  3. mysterymoil says:

    Fuck You, Cancer!!!

  4. jim weed says:

    if russell means were still alive he’d lecture you for saying “native american” instead of “american indian.”

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      It’s so true. Everyone I’ve ever met from AIM or related organizations says ‘Indian’. It seems slightly less weird when you realize that India is actually called Bharat.

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