Amino acid necklace spells out "we are star-stuff"


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  1. spacedmonkey says:

    That is fucking awesome.  It’s always nice to be reminded.

  2. Ian Anthony says:

    Relevant to this:

  3. Bruce Hansen says:

    Ridiculously cool! Outstanding detail!

  4. Stevko says:

    I was wondering how that spelling worked but found on wikipedia that there is a letter for each amino acid. I tried to decypher the necklace using wikipedia pictures of amino acids but could not.

    • Boundegar says:

      I had to look it up too.  I’ve seen the 3-letter codes, but not the 1-letter.  If you rolled those amino acids into a peptide, I wonder if it would turn you into a newt or something.

  5. massspecgeek says:

    Interesting, but I can’t figure out what “u” is supposed to be. There’s no u in the single letter amino acid code, and the shape of the molecule on the necklace doesn’t look like uracil (the base found in RNA) that does have the single letter code U.

  6. Matt Segal says:

    Amino acid code for those interested:
    W – Tryptophan
    E – Glutamic Acid/Glutamate

    A – Alanine
    R – Argenine
    E – Glutamic Acid

    S – Serine
    T – Threonine
    A – Alanine
    R – Argenine

    S – Serine
    T – Threonine
    U – Selenocysteine (just uses an atom of selenium instead of sulfur)
    F – Phenylalanine
    F – Phenylalanine

    Being a molecular biology/biochem major has its uses sometimes

    • massspecgeek says:

      Thanks. Forgot about the (relatively uncommon) selenocysteine. 

    • Thanks! Yeah, the U was a weird one, but what’s so awesome about the make-up of creatures is how many little variations there are to tweak the right proteins into place. 
      Also, I am fairly sure this would not fold well. Too many conflicting charges. :)

      • Matt Segal says:

        I dunno how much stable folding there’d be for a 14-mer. Also depends on the pH. The delocalized positive charge on the argenine could do a decent job of mitigating the partial negatives on threonine and serine. I think the main issue would be those phenylalanines at the end trying to get out of contact with the water =p

  7. aHarshDM says:

    Everything is star stuff. Literally, everything. There is nothing that is not star stuff. Being star stuff is not special. Being star stuff is a side effect of existence. There’s a Fight Club quote that goes here.

  8. jahahn says:

    I love the geeks! That would be a Babylon 5 quote: “We are star stuff. We are the universe made manifest trying to figure itself out.” – JMS

  9. gypsyspacemuffin says:

    Wow….lovely concept and execution. Seeing this totally made my day!

  10. cousin229 says:

    Ms Colette Taylor your work is lovely! 
    I hope we will be able to see again your creations here!

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