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4 Responses to “Florence + the Machine (Boing Boing TV, 2008)”

  1. slappin says:

    now THAT was truly a trailer! wouldn’t caravan be correct in this instance though?

  2. Saw her in concert a few weeks back. An absolute whirling Goddess of Beauty and Talent. Amazing artist. A Pre-Raphaelite dream incarnate.

  3. Benedict Addis says:

    I watched this video being recorded, working on my laptop in a little marquee just behind the Airstream. Didn’t rate Florence at the time but thought that Paloma was wonderful. Shame that Russell Porter’s site seems to be offline at the moment, there was a lovely video of the festival on it. 

  4. Pretty interesting how music awareness works internationally. Florence was a done deal in the UK for a long while by 2008. I wonder how many things in the US just don’t reach us over here, or if it isn’t quite as reflective as thatn

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