Louis Coulon and his 11-foot beard that holds his cat

Abraham Piper says: "I vote this guy for President of the Internet"


  1. I can’t even begin to imagine the overwhelming cloud of cat piss stink that followed this dude around everywhere.

    1. I can’t even begin to imagine the overwhelming cloud of unwashed beard stink that followed that cat around everywhere.

        1. He found out after not using soap or shampoo for a year that it’s awesome!  No soap, no stink!  (Plus a bonus: imparts a feeling of smug superiority!)
               And wait til you hear his coffee regimen!

    2.  But you must be, as it is likely to exist solely in your imagination. 
      Having both an unwashed cat and a beard, it is my dog that is stinky. 

      1. My dog gets stinky from sticking his mustaches into the accumulating urine along our fenceline, analyzing the latest claims in the ongoing dog pissing contest.

    1. I’m pretty sure that that is the “That which has been seen cannot be unseen” cat’s direct ancestor.

  2. “Perhaps his greatest claim to fame is the fact that he is the only military opponent to force George Washington to surrender.” -Loius Coulon de Villiers wikipedia page and is a completely different person.

    see below

  3. Um, I know there is a lot to take in here, but don’t overlook the hat with a bow on it.

    Also, consider this: There is a strong possibility that the cat, having been separated from its biological mother early in life, has come to think of the beard as its mother.

  4. Twenty-five comments later and not a single joke reference to either the man or cat as ‘Mr. Whiskers’?

  5. I don’t think that he even knew the cat was in there, just one of the nine cats hangin out in there that happened to look out at time of the picture.

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