MakieLab Hallowe'en costumes and contest

Hallowe'en's come to Makie-land: the 3D printed doll and toy company my wife co-founded is running a Hallowe'en contest to design the spookiest Makie possible . Deadline is Oct 30!

Create and save a spooky digital Makie at between now and 30th October, and you’ll be automatically entered to win a sack of unspeakable delights, containing a free Makie doll and a mysterious assortment of clothes and accessories. (We haven’t quite decided what to chuck in there yet… but trust us, it’ll be a smashing package.)

On Halloween Day (31st October), we’ll pick one uniquely freaky Makie maker to win the grand prize. There may be other surprises in store on the day too, so get those creative oozes, er, oozing and enjoy!

If you were lucky enough to snag a Makie doll in the first couple alpha releases, there's a fab array of Makie accessories for the season.

New Contest: Design the Spookiest Makie and win a terribly cool bag o' swag!