NBC will air the pilot of its Munsters remake, Mockingbird Lane as a Halloween special


12 Responses to “NBC will air the pilot of its Munsters remake, Mockingbird Lane as a Halloween special”

  1. ehdubkay says:

    MTV’s The State was given a Halloween Special on CBS once, and then promptly shown the door.

  2. legotech says:

    Yes Eddie Izzard is in it, but so is Jerry O’Connell. Sliders was the last time he was worth watching, and that’s only because I didn’t realize he only had the one character that he could play.

  3. Guest says:

    If somebody’s looking for me, i’ll be down in the lab watching that.

  4. Daedalus says:

    You know what’s streets ahead of Another Remake, right?

  5. unit_1421 says:

    I wish they’d gone with the classic Universal monsters look for the Herman, Grandpa and Lily. I hope they didn’t give them too much of a financial make over, since seeing the Munsters try to make sense of a blue collar world was part of its charm. I could see Herman at a protest over the closure of a hospital going “These people deserve good jobs, and I need the spare parts!”

  6. big ryan says:

    jerry oconnell as herman munster? i think i need to be on suicide watch for awhile

  7. Boundegar says:

    See, The Munsters was never anything but a cheap ripoff of The Addams Family, without any of Charles Addams’ wit and charm.  The best thing they ever gave us was Paul Ryan.

    But they can’t do a remake of the Addams Family, because they already made that.  Running so low on 60s shit to cash in on.  Studio executives may be forced to start making Reality TV: The Movie.  Or, if all else fails, start producing original material.

  8. Dlo Burns says:

    {‘Munsters Remake’} oh FFS what is with these people? {‘Eddie Izzard is in it’} –oh? I’ll definitely go out of my way if he’s

  9. I recommended casting Fred Gwynn as the new Herman Munster, but they ignored me. I have no sympathy.

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