Nails painted with a printed circuit board motif

My nine-year-old daughter would like to have her nails painted this way, I think. These were created by Erin Hatebury. (via The Mary Sue)


  1. Wait a second… The owner of those nails would appear to be modeling them against the backdrop of an authentic Voodoo 5 5500(AGP variant)… The last and most powerful Voodoo card ever to hit retail.

    That’s some geek cred, there. Respect.

  2. Oh, on another note: between the availability of teeny SMT parts and silver lacquer rework pens, it seems that it would be possible to incorporate actual electrical behavior into nail polish designs. Powering them might be a trifle tricky, though.

  3. Took ’em long enough to come up with the idea!
    Very clever, really.  Now do the contact lenses also, and you’re halfway to a Superman III costume (Mrs. Webster being turned into a robot).

  4. all that and they don’t even light up when opposing nails make contact? (middle finger nail reserved for special displays)

    1. Back before the full adoption of copper-trace-on fiberglass(especially the widespread availability of cheap multilayer boards and vias) electronic gear had a much more textile-y feel. From the prototype/kit wire-wrap stuff, up to the hardcore cable management of the Cray 1(below). Looks like a mess; but every single signal pair is of the correct length to account for signal transmission time, and none are greater than 4 feet, to keep latency down…

      I’ve also got some old Amdahl boards around here somewhere: All the ICs are through-hole parts in fiberglass; but every single electrical connection is made with very, very fine enameled wire, point-to-point, hand soldered. I can’t find a picture, though, I’m afraid.

      PCBs are cheap, and they get the job done; but they just don’t make ’em like they used to…

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