Bench made from books

DeviantArt's Funnysock posted this this "bench made of books," which she or he apparently found and photographed, but did not make. It's available as a print.

Bench (via Neatorama)


14 Responses to “Bench made from books”

  1. Can’t say I would want to sit on it.

  2. gwailo_joe says:

    I for one do not enjoy the sensation of silverfish in my pants, so no thanks…

  3. bolamig says:

    Let the cringing commence.

  4. sqyntz says:

    they were all first editions..

  5. Neil Sheroup says:

    I bet it doesn’t like rain.

  6. timquinn says:

    someone should tuck some tree seeds in there.

  7. sockdoll says:

    Only a true bookworm can appreciate it.

  8. Extrema says:

    Cory, would you next please post “Bricks made from bench”?

  9. Halloween_Jack says:

    Your ass: now in mildew scent.

  10. Ryan Griffin says:

    Little known fact: hot librarians are drawn to the scent of moldy book ass stank.

  11. howaboutthisdangit says:

    The early Little Free Libraries still had some bugs to be worked out.

  12. Pablo Beaner says:

    i believe that is on graefestr in berlin. theres also a tower of books with a typewriter next to it.

  13. Ito Kagehisa says:

    Oh, that’s where I left those.  Thanks!

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