Cyberpunk juice, 1984


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  1. Øyvind says:

    I don’t know what pruno is/was, but I like the sound of it!

  2. Finnagain says:

    Was it as good as the Thirst Mutilator?

    • It made you feel more thirsty, like you’d just consumed a pound of pistachio nuts marinaded in battery acid and blended with salty hobo piss.

      • Beanolini says:

        I remember it too, I actually quite liked it. But I bow to your superior knowledge of ‘salty hobo piss’.

        The video doesn’t adequately demonstrate just how alarmingly green it was, a colour I’ve only seen again in cheap absinthe.

  3. I didn’t even watch the video but I remember saying “Qua-Qua-Qua-Quatro!!” in the playground

  4. fergus1948 says:

    Great packaging design too.

  5. Quite a landmark ad. IIRC was mentioned quite a bit in Rocky Morton and Annabel Jankel’s “Creative Computer Graphics” [1985]. Morton and Jankel, who produced notable pop videos including Donald Fagen’s New Frontier and Elvis Costello’s Accidents Will Happen, are best known for creating Max Headroom.

  6. Mark Healey says:

    Awesome! I thought I was the only person that remembered this!

  7. how wonderfully over the top, we may live in the future, but the golden age has passed us.

  8. dave says:

    Wow. I remember this too. Much better than Tab Clear, released around the same time.

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