Felt animal hats

Barbara Keal makes unusual felt hats, perfect for cold winter mornings and pagan orgies. [via Trendland]


  1. SpiritHoods (www.spirithoods.com) makes similar hats.  I’m getting a few for my girls.  Corey will understand that I’m getting Minnie Mouse…

    1. Spirits hoods is cool but a bit slick and muppety — I suspect I’ll prefer the “weird goings-on somewhere in England they haven’t built a road through yet” handmade quality of Barbara’s

      1. Yes, but Barbara doesn’t make Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  It’s hard for me to deny the awesomeness of those particular hats.

      2. Barbara’s hats also manage to be raw and delightfully strange without resorting to appropriating Native culture, which is nice. I’m not a big fan of Spirit Hoods asking you to “join the tribe” and playing into the Hipster Headdress trend. It’s sad, some of their less-problematic stuff is cute, too.

  2. You really have to remember to procure one first before posting it on BB, or wait in the long que you help create.

    1. I worry every fall about those gun owners who chose to shoot first, and clearly identify the target later.  Her costume was only vaguely animal-like.  Yeesh.

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