Hey! There's a new Hilda book out! Hey!


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  1. plyx says:

    I really appreciate the heads up on these types of books, Mr. Doctorow. I purchased the Mary Blair Treasury for my 8 year old daughter and I to read together (she LOVES the artwork as do I) and although I haven’t heard of Hilda yet I plan on getting us into these as well. Thanks for the tips!
    By the way, I recently purchased the Ray Bradbury Theater DVD box set from Amazon for about $10 and I’m loving it. I believe it’s around 65 episodes with the bulk having aired on HBO back in the late 80′s. Great nostalgia factor!

  2. avraamov says:

    confirming this for excellence. we have all three hilda books at our place – we’re lucky enough to have Gosh comics round the corner, who are consistently superb.

  3. magpie bessie says:

    We adore Hilda in our house (two boys, 5 1/2 and 3 years old), and are all looking forward to this new installment of Hilda’s adventures!  It is a wonderful series and we revisit the two books we currently have quite often.  Also, the stories make their way in to our imaginative play too (Lego mountain giants and LogMan)!  Success!  Joy!  Hooray for great comics!

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