Hey! There's a new Hilda book out! Hey!

Back in January, I reviewed Luke Pearson's Hilda, an amazing, beautiful, perfectly brilliant kids' comic from Nobrow Press in London. I've just heard from Sam at Nobrow that there's a new Hilda out, Hilda and the Bird Parade, and apparently there's a copy waiting for me to review when I get home from my tour. I'll definitely be doing that, but in the meantime, Sam notes, "It is out now in the UK and will be released in the US in March 2013 (but is available now from our website!)." I'm positive that it's going to be brilliant. What a great homecoming treat!

Getting used to life in Trolberg is proving difficult for Hilda. Weeks after moving to the city with her mother, the diminutive adventurer is still missing the wonder-filled valleys and magical friends that surrounded their old home in the fjords. Peering out of her new bedroom window onto the crowded streets below, Hilda longs for her old adventures and wonders if she’ll ever fit in into this new, much less exciting place.

Things start to look up when Hilda learns that it’s the day of Trolberg’s annual Bird Parade, a spectacular carnival in which crowds people from all over the city gather to match the streets in colourful, awe-inspiring plumage. Eager to see the festival together that evening, Hilda’s mum lets Hilda go out to be shown around the neighbourhood with her new schoolmates. Unfortunately for Hilda, she soon finds out her new friends aren’t all they are cracked up to be when they take delight in throwing stones into a tree of birds.

As a poor raven falls injured from the tree, Hilda rushes to the rescue. Determined to nurse it back to health, Hilda quickly discovers that this particular bird is no ordinary feathered friend. First of all, he can talk. Second of all, he’s lost his memory — including his ability to fly! And to make matters even more complicated, the other children have run away leaving Hilda stranded with no idea of how to get back to her house.

Hilda and the Bird Parade