How to fill a 5-gallon jug from a drinking fountain

(Via Unique Daily)


  1. Odds that “NOBODY TOUCH THIS!” was shouted down the dorm hallway before the engineer went back to his room?

  2. You increase the stream velocity by loosening the 4-5 screws at the very bottom of the fountain, and removing the metal shield.  On the upper front of the fountain as you face it will be a screw.  Twisting it back and forth increases/decreases the force of the water stream.

    I know this because I mounted a fountain on the side of my house, under my patio, to get my kids to drink more in the summer (and to keep muddy footprints in my house to a minimum).

  3. As someone who has regularly faced the challenge of refilling a water bottle from a drinking fountain while out on a bike ride (without carrying tubing and a funnel), I had hoped this would supply some clues.

    It’s cute, but it doesn’t.

    1. if i had to do that, i’d push the flow button with one hand while holding the water bottle with the other hand such that the water lands inside the bottle.

    2. Carry a folded/rolled piece of wax paper that you can roll into a makeshift funnel (or fold via origami into a makeshift cup) as needed? Durable, lightweight, waterproof, and inexpensive.

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