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4 Responses to “Japanther video by 50 teenaged animators”

  1. soyonsici says:

    Who is performing vocals here? Not what I expect from Japanther, but I suppose it’s nice to change it up now and then. 

  2. noah django says:

    i liked the “He-Man bombs.”  when I was a lad, the kids at the cool high school my friend went to passed around an afro wig on picture day.  every page of the yearbook that year had at least a few afros on it.  same kinda thing.

    cool song, too.

  3. Some really great work here.

    I did an Animation degree and some of the other graduates were producing work inferior to this after studying for 3 years (well, I say studying…).

    Damn kids.

  4. paddle2paddle says:

    I think it is interesting that there are a few common aesthetic styles among the different young artists.  Even though it appears that each student only had a couple seconds of animation, some of what I saw showed a lot of thought and creativity.  Well done, kids.  It is wonderful to see art nurtured like this.