Japanther video by 50 teenaged animators

Souris sez, "'She's The One' by Japanther and the California State Summer School for the Arts Animation Class of 2012 features the work of 50 teenage animation students, who collaborated over three days to create this animated dance party to accompany Japanther's song."


  1. Who is performing vocals here? Not what I expect from Japanther, but I suppose it’s nice to change it up now and then. 

  2. i liked the “He-Man bombs.”  when I was a lad, the kids at the cool high school my friend went to passed around an afro wig on picture day.  every page of the yearbook that year had at least a few afros on it.  same kinda thing.

    cool song, too.

  3. Some really great work here.

    I did an Animation degree and some of the other graduates were producing work inferior to this after studying for 3 years (well, I say studying…).

    Damn kids.

  4. I think it is interesting that there are a few common aesthetic styles among the different young artists.  Even though it appears that each student only had a couple seconds of animation, some of what I saw showed a lot of thought and creativity.  Well done, kids.  It is wonderful to see art nurtured like this.

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