Jem (and the Holograms) is (are) making a comeback


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  1. horn5555 says:

    Loved Jem, the Misfits and the Stingers (with Riot). Really loved the first Jem channeling Jem cover band, SPLEEN!

  2. Joe Wallace says:

    I have to concur here. Spleen was AWESOME. I mean, TOTALLY awesome.

  3. elix says:

    I guess they weren’t satisfied with just ponies.

  4. Emily Duncan says:

    This isn’t so much of a comeback unless they bring back the original doll. She was taller and had bigger, wider feet than Ken! 

  5. Neil Shurley says:

    This news is truly outrageous. Truly, truly outrageous.

  6. Jorpho says:

    For some reason the cartoon had a certain unique appeal, one that will almost certainly fail utterly and completely to carry over to any modern reboot.

    computerized spirit animal Synergy

    Shh, don’t give them ideas.

  7. Pfft, they have nothing on Gerry and the Holograms:

  8. AccordionIdol says:

    Big deal.  Everyone knows the Misfits’ songs were better.

  9. Halloween_Jack says:

    The new doll costs $125, versus $8 for the original (that’s on clearance, in 80s dollars, but still). This edition will probably go to obsessive collectors and people who will pay top dollar in an attempt to regain a shred of their youthful innocence with this gaudy totem. I liked my spaceman G.I. Joe from back in the day, but I can’t see spending fifteen times what the original cost for a slightly-upgraded replacement.

  10. MrLibearian says:

    I’m just going to leave this right here……

  11. cdh1971 says:

    I thought about this back in the day, and seeing the pic attached to this post – I think Jem and the Holograms related Something or Other graphics  would have made a great Concrete Blonde album cover. 

    I searched around for three or so seconds for something related to both CB and J and H, I found this, from some list serve from ’96 – interesting, at least to me:

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