Alien is pooped

Here's HR Giger's Alien, deep in thought after a hard day on the set, from a Retronaut set of "Behind the scenes of ‘Alien’ movies."

Behind the scenes of ‘Alien’ movies


      1. So THAT’S where the Kardashians came from!
        So I guess Kanye is like Ripley in that respect.
        Because Bruce Jenner is like Kane (John Hurt) in that habitat.

    1.  It never occurred to me before, but none of the movies showed any alien scat…. which would have been useful for tracking the damn things.

       Maybe the poop was molecular acid as well, so it just left these holes in the floor.

      1. Dietrich:  Looks like some sort of secreted resin.
        Hicks:  Yeah, but secreted from what?

  1. “She LAUGHED in my face. Oh, god – WHY did I go with flowers and the sonnet and slaughtering her fellow crew members on the first date, WHY ? I’m such an IDIOT !!!”

  2. MAN that would suck to have to wear that on set 12 hours a day!  I used to work as a Set Dec and the people in crazy makeup and prosthetics always got my sympathy.

    1. What are you talking about, “except Ash maybe”?
      Full-fledged, full-frontal bromance, dude! In their quirky, particular ways.

    1. Since the full costume features a tail that can coil and uncoil, my guess is that we’re seeing the internal structure of the tail (some kind of cable and/or air hose system), minus the alien skin.

  3. “Those British film crews do like their official tea breaks, I think I’ll make Union of my own….”

  4. “Men in Suits,” a friend’s upcoming DVD release may shed some light on why so sad:  The filmmkers made their kickstarter goal and are apparently pressing DVDs right now:

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