Alien is pooped


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  1. grimc says:

    Or sad.

  2. BarBarSeven says:

    “Is” pooped? Or “has” pooped?

  3. 3ringquercus says:

    Looks like he’s texting, actually.

  4. sam1148 says:

    Oh, sweetum wittle Alien just wants a back rub, yes he does, yes he does. 

  5. It might be even more awesome to have Alien sitting on a toilet…

  6. snagglepuss says:

    “She LAUGHED in my face. Oh, god – WHY did I go with flowers and the sonnet and slaughtering her fellow crew members on the first date, WHY ? I’m such an IDIOT !!!”

  7. Clemoh says:

    MAN that would suck to have to wear that on set 12 hours a day!  I used to work as a Set Dec and the people in crazy makeup and prosthetics always got my sympathy.

  8. rickward says:

    Bolaji Badejo! One of the classic Men in Suits.

  9. TK says:

    The alien’s probably sad and crying. Nobody loves him on the Nostromo (except Ash maybe).

    • niktemadur says:

      What are you talking about, “except Ash maybe”?
      Full-fledged, full-frontal bromance, dude! In their quirky, particular ways.

  10. Dago says:

    Someone needs to edit this and the Sad Keanu pic together!

  11. niktemadur says:

    Has anybody here ever considered that the so-called “space jockey” was actually caught off-guard while taking a high-tech dump?
    Dunno, maybe à la John Travolta in Pulp Fiction?

  12. So what *is* that stuff coming out of his butt? I’m guessing it’s wires they use to control some kind of special effects stuff in his suit? 

    • lorq says:

      Since the full costume features a tail that can coil and uncoil, my guess is that we’re seeing the internal structure of the tail (some kind of cable and/or air hose system), minus the alien skin.

  13. Or maybe it’s a cable that he can hang from in order to jump down from the ceiling and such? 

  14. zotlerg says:

    “Those British film crews do like their official tea breaks, I think I’ll make Union of my own….”

  15. Mike Baker says:

    Sad alien is sad. 

  16. zdislaw says:

    “Men in Suits,” a friend’s upcoming DVD release may shed some light on why so sad:  The filmmkers made their kickstarter goal and are apparently pressing DVDs right now:

  17. Bryce Caron says:

    I have seen this picture before, but the whole spread is awesome. Thanks.

  18. benher says:

    The Xenomorph. In repose.

  19. sburns54 says:

    Probably thinking about the one that got away.

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