Amazing anatomically correct baked goods


3 Responses to “Amazing anatomically correct baked goods”

  1. Boundegar says:

    Ugh.  I used to like breasts.

  2. anansi133 says:

    {puts on the internet pedant hat}

    1) it’s not a unicorn, so it can’t be a unicorn chaser. Unicorn chasers include unicorns. lolcat chasers involve lolcats, etc

    2) This image isn’t likely to be mistaken for human flesh, but it kinda resembles the sort of thing that would require a chaser. if the offending picture were of dissected meat, this would make a logical chaser, but now I want to look at images of a fondant unicorn (possibly dissected) to cleanse my brain from this one.

    3) Rape Culture is certainly ugly and unpleasant to think about, but reasonable people can disagree about the usefulness of unicorn chasers to mitigate the trauma. I think of a unicorn chaser as a salve for something literally graphic that elicits a barf response. if talking and thinking about grotesque misogyny is really so traumatic as to require soothing feminine imagery to recover, isn’t that the kind of sexism we’re trying to combat in the first place?

    Please keep posting about rape culture, and please keep posting delicious grossology pictures. But save the unicorns for the times they’re really appropriate, please!

  3. Paul Renault says:

    I always thought that when you cut into an ‘anatomically-correct muffin’, the inside (and the outside) would look like, well, a muffin.

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