Carl Sagan's Cosmos: The Meat Planet (with pork volcano)

"A giant planet with a liquid interior full of liquid beef and pork, into which a thousand earths would fit."

Darren Cullen of Spelling Mistakes Cost Lives and friend Mark Tolson edited together this 'lost episode' of Carl Sagan's Cosmos, about a fabled Meat Planet, with details of its famous pork volcano, Mount Sustenance, "well-known to astronomers since the time of Galileo."

If NASA would focus on the important planets, the delicious bacon-y ones like this, perhaps we'd have a real future in space exploration. Astronomy-gastronomy!


    1.  I felt that way when I discovered the “Leonard Nimoy Should Eat More Salsa Foundation” (now, sadly, defunct, it seems).

      But there’s always more.

    1.  yeah, my mind went there too. The idea of a meat planet wouldn’t be so funny without the fundamentalists vegetarians on this planet.

      if there was a lobby out there urging us all to eat *less* meat, and smaller animals (rather than no meat, no animals) the whole concept of going vegetarian or vegan would seem less alien somehow. Harm Reduction instead of War on Whatever.

    2.  It must be so difficult and lonely for you to be someone who eats meat.

       Do you have any advice on how to deal with the constant depression and ostracism?

  1.  smaller animals make a difference?  So when I say, decide to mug someone I should pick the shorter person too?

    although I think vegetarians would hate to admit it you can get by with choosing the uglier ones as well as the more threatening.  Cows not fighting back just make them feel guilty

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