Decapitated heads

A late addition to my New York Comic-Con posts: the Lulubell/Velocitron Decapitated Heads, which I knew I loved from the moment I clapped eyes on 'em.

Decapitated Head - NYCC GID/blue rub


10 Responses to “Decapitated heads”

  1. ” I loved from the moment I clapped eyes on ‘em”    We fear you…

  2. Grey Devil says:

    I’m not exactly impressed.

  3. GawainLavers says:

    Did someone say decapitated clown head?

  4. Lemoutan says:

    Looks more catipated to me.

  5. CLamb says:

    How can you have a decapitated head?  If you remove the head from a head you end up with nothing.

  6. marukosu says:

    PSA (Pedantic Service Announcement): The word “decapitated” literally means “without a head”. So, “decapitated head” actually means “headless head”. Thank you.

  7. As other pedants have noted, “decapitated head” means “a head from which the head has been removed.” “Severed head” works better. Sorry, it’s a compulsion.

  8. SoItBegins says:

    Would you like some dehydrated water to go with your decapitated head? :)

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