Pepper spray iPhone case

$40 at The Fancy


  1. I can’t wait for first person videos of people getting pepper-sprayed in the face to show up on youtube.

    But other than that, this is by far the dumbest idea in the world. I think it’s stupid to have pepper-spray on something you pull out as often as keys. On a phone? Every five minutes someone is pulling out their pepperspray?
    Why not just be done with it and make a butterfly knife iphone case?!

  2. Rob Beschizza did a post a while ago about some import company that specialized in tacky, cheesy, cheap USB accessories. Sticking crap on an iPhone case in a clumsy location and charging a premium for it seems much along the same vein.

  3. Illegal in NYC- the city doesn’t want potential rape victims to usurp the government’s monopoly on legal violence.

  4. An obvious yet unmentioned use for this iphone is that it can now be used to give flavor to bland food, an app not even Steve Jobs would have thought of.

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