Unlace: rubber shoelaces for taming your cables

I like the look of Unlace, Cindy Glass and Dante Pauwels's fully funded Kickstarter project to make rubber-over-wire faux-shoelaces that can be used to tame cable tangles. You can get four Unlaces for $20. I'm impressed by the product team's experience as well, which bodes well for the actual completion and shipment of the project.

So, we put our heads together and created a simple, colorful, and fun companion for organizing all the cords and cables that are part and parcel of our increasingly digital lives. We took inspiration from a simple source, a sneaker, and designed Unlace, a reusable silicone shoelace for untangling a few of life's little, and annoying, problems. We’ve created a 5” Unlace for small cords. And, a 10” Unlace for burly cables.

The Unlace is reusable and has a silky matte silicone finish with the texture of a shoelace. A few gentle turns and it will coil around and hold most anything.

Unlace: A New Twist on Tangle-Free Cords


  1. While this seems like a reasonable idea, $20 for four little twisties? That is outrageously expensive! They couldn’t cost more than five cents to manufacture, probably closer to a penny.

  2. I’ll just keep on using regular twist ties. Or those velcro ties. Both are cheaper – though not as cute – as these ‘laces’.

  3. What was wrong with Velcro?  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001E1Y5O6/ref=as_li_ss_til?tag=condescension-20&camp=0&creative=0&linkCode=as4&creativeASIN=B001E1Y5O6&adid=0XPXK9E6T9ZHPRV40MQW&

  4. Is anyone else sick of everything being silicone these days? its all nice and good until its about 2 years old and then it just becomes a horrible sticky mess.

    1. True silicone rubbers should be significantly more stable, under even moderately nasty conditions, than that. Unfortunately, the good stuff isn’t (as) cheap, so you may well run into silicones with various fillers, or non-silicone plastics rendered rubbery with various plasticizers, which do tend to leach out over time, leaving the product sticky and brittle. Some plasticizers are also not so good for you, in the bargain!

  5.  Binder clips? Zip ties? String? Velcro strips? They are not solving anything here. The product is cute, but, it solves no dilemma other than how to make cables/cords look cute. If you can’t wrap your wires correctly with things already available and performing well, start a company…and make cute rubbery things…

  6. I use strips cut from old bicycle tubes, about a quarter inch wide and as long as need be to wrap wires together. I’ve been doing this for years, wires and wraps look professional and easy to remove when needed.

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