3D printed "Success Kid"

Ryan sez, "I did a digital sculpture of the e-famous Success Kid and am selling 3D printed copies through Shapeways. Here's a video timelapse of the sculpting process."

Success Kid (Thanks, Ryan!)


  1.  Awesome. I think it’s a pretty good 3D model actually, though the 3D print looks kind of… not good at that small of scale. Think it’d benefit being printed at least twice as large from the pic posted on the guy’s page.

  2. I am not disappoint. 

    But seriously, I am not. Some too-serious people lament how humans take wonderful tech and immediately use it for things that might be considered silly or trivial, like how photographic pornography was invented soon after the first pic, and how the interwebz is populated by penises and cats. But this is stuff people seem to really like and without this tech appealing to our baser-interests I doubt a lot of it would be around to be used for more noble pursuits. 

    /pompous, pedantic post

  3. Remember all those lawyers we buried at the bottom of the ocean?… Well…. Norhing… it’s just that… I think I can hear them churning.

    1. Those are not lawyers at the bottom of the ocean you hear but the planet Venus. 

      No other sound has been as misidentified as the churning of lawyers at the bottom of the ocean more often than the planet Venus.

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