Alive! Real! Apeman! 1937!


13 Responses to “Alive! Real! Apeman! 1937!”

  1. ChicagoD says:

    No wonder Eva Braun was reluctant to get married. Adolf looks worse here than normal.

  2. Nofare says:

    Forget the apeman! Who’s the dame?

  3. GawainLavers says:


  4. mappo says:

    Obviously fake prosthetics.  And the apeman is a phony too.

  5. ChicagoD says:

    I can honestly not believe that we’ve had this many comments about that woman without one pissed of rejoinder.

    Also, I think she just has quality foundation garments, rather than prosthetics. 

  6. chellberty says:

    So this is how Ben Stiller got discovered.

  7. Nella says:

    That actor Mark Pellegrino has been really *everywhere* – that’s definitely him, the guy to the left.

  8. jphaynes1966 says:

    Isn’t that just Mickey Rooney having a peanut allergy attack?

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