DIY low-poly mask, now with glowing edges!

Remember this cool "low poly" papercraft mask by BB reader kongorilla? Check it out, he modified it with glow-in-the-dark tape strips, so it... glows in the dark! Make it yourself.


  1. I actually made this mask last night – it came out great!  It looks even cooler in person than in these photos.
    Word to the wise though, at original size it’s pretty small for any but the smallest adult faces.  Consider blowing it up to 125% or more before cutting.

  2. Also,
    Skip the inner eye bits if you want to be able to see out of it.

    Also also,
    Give it a couple hours to dry before tying all those superglue fumes to your face (unless you’re into that sort of thing).

    1. Regular elmer’s glue (applied sparingly) seems to work pretty well for holding it together as well (especially if you’re using cardstock).  Just make sure each joint has time to mostly dry before putting stress on it.

  3. @ bfan and Theodore S Lindsey – Huh, in every picture I’ve seen posted or has been sent to me, the mask has looked a little too large. It’s much too large for my wife (see pic on the Thingiverse page). Is it possible you didn’t turn off “scale to fit” when printing, or didn’t use the images found in the zip files? (I’ve been worried about people using the automatically scaled versions that Thingiverse generates). Check out this guy’s mask, the size is typical of what I’ve seen:

    Oh well, maybe I’ve learned another lesson: Heads come in all sizes.

    In any event, I’m delighted by the reception the mask has been getting, and love to see pics, so please post ’em!

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