Doggie warning system

Warning: it gets loud. Link, from Illustrated Primer.

(Thanks, Joe Sabia!)


  1. OK, this works for me as a unicorn chaser.  Concentrate on the cute, loud doggie, and don’t think about the two posts immediately below.

  2. We live by a firehouse, and our dog Moby does sort of the same thing. We can get Moby to do it on demand if we howl at him first. We’d get it on video if he wasn’t afraid of cameras. Apparently the theme song to Law & Order has the same affect on some dogs (not Moby), look it up on youtube.

    1. Patches howls at the telephone.  If you ask him to use his inside voice he will do a soft groan instead.  Such a good dog.

  3. Back in the old days, the local firehouse would blow their horn every 3 hours from 9am to 9pm.  My old dog would howl like this every single time, 5 times a day, every day.

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