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11 Responses to “Friday Freak-Out: Seals & Crofts perform "Summer Breeze" (1973)”

  1. ryane says:

    I prefer Peter Steele’s vocals on the Type-O Negative cover.

  2. hanoverfiste says:

    I really liked this remixed version that featured in a GAP commercial for Summer Tanks
    This version was remixed by Philip Steir and Ramin Sakurai in 2004 as part of “What Is Hip? Remix Project Volume One.”  I actually didn’t know their was full mix or who did it until 5 minutes ago.  Thanks for helping me with unfinished business!

  3. flyoverland says:

    In ’73, I was working at the Mississippi River Festival. After their concert they sent word around they were having a “party” in their dressing room and all the staff/volunteers were invited. Now, being used to the usual spoiled rock stars, this was a change. So, I go along with around 75 others and sure enough in comes the two stars who start to do a proselytization for the B’hai religion. I raised my hand and asked, “is there going to be beer at this party?” They said no and everyone left. They were good, though. 

  4. Slartibartfatsdomino says:

    Jackie Mittoo’s Summer Breeze is pretty nice.


  5. tylerdurden says:

    Sorry, Main Ingredient takes the prize. Doesn’t get any breezier than this.

  6. hawkd_sf says:

    As a pretty dweeby 13 yr-old in ’73, I LOVED them!  I’m not quite getting the ‘freak out’ element of this though?  I was expecting some, “Whoa!”-inducing psychedelia…  My funny story (particularly given this post’s proximity to the 1977 Halloween ad) is that my very first “rock concert” was Seals & Crofts at the Kiel Auditorium in St. Louis.  Opening act:  Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes…  (sound cognitive dissonance alarm)  Maybe that tour is what radicalized Ted into insanity.  Tickets for that most-bizarre double-bill:  $4.50, $5.50 and $6.50…

  7. timquinn says:

    2 wrongs etc

  8. Paul Cooke says:

    ah yes… unplugged before it became a marketing move…