In the year 2000

Illustration from a 1960 Cinzano ad, shared on Flickr by photographer and vintage ad aficionado Paul Malon of Toronto. His collection is extensive and excellent.


    1. I know! The same parental instinct that makes me move cups away from the edge of the table instantly made that the focus of the composition.

    2. Oh, you can shove those things out the window all you want, the levitation harness will float them back. It’s the #2 prank of siblings in the future.

  1. Now I’m curious what there is to be had at the “Svper Rob” store(maybe super robots?). (note the use of v instead of u, which links up with the classical way the faces are illustrated)

  2. I think the color sense of people in the year 2000 is pretty awful. Go see Cloud Atlas for a great look at 2177 Neo Seoul; it’s pretty great.

  3. Why does a monorail with windshields and windows have to be further contained in a pneumatic-esque tube? Is it pneumatic-turbine powered or some other pseudo technology?

  4. There’s something very Hieronymus Bosch-esque about this picture; some of it may be due to the presence of that disturbing yellow potato-shaped thing on the left side of the picture; it reminds me of a certain urban legend photograph allegedly showing a parasitic infection of the breast that I won’t link to. 

  5. Screw the flying cars, why can’t I get decent speed “broadband” network service to my house inside city limits?

  6. So, basically, we should take any predictions of the future and run them through the “suck” filter for a more accurate analysis.

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