Letterpressed, inappropriate infographic greeting cards

Safwat sez, "Greetings from Nowhere is a series of inappropriate (but totally awesome) letterpressed greeting cards made up of venn diagrams, pie charts and bar graphs. These cards were designed with the sole objective of not sucking as much as most other holiday cards out there. I am currently trying to fund this project via Kickstarter so that the cards can be letterpressed at a small printshop here in Phoenix, AZ and delivered to project backers in time for the holidays."

Greetings from Nowhere: Letterpressed Holiday Cards (Thanks, Safwat!)


  1. I’m no engineer but those people need some serious machine guards or they’ll have some seriously inappropriate “inks” on their nice handmade letterpressed cards.

  2. That’s awesome. My question is market research. It is my understanding that greeting cards are primarily purchased by women. Women over 30 at least. The last time I read any data on this was a decade ago, so I may be out of date. Also you must know that as I think its awesome I am a woman over “30”

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