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  1. I was rather hoping that it was not animated at all and you were being really, really evil

    • voiceinthedistance says:

      I think he would probably used a little longer or more ambiguous timeframe if he was just trying to mess with our heads. Don’t get any ideas, though, Mark.  

      As it is, it’s slightly underwhelming if you are waiting for it, but really creepy if you have it sprung on you by surprise.  I think I might have to try this myself, as the animation part doesn’t carry too much file size baggage, beyond the nature of GIFs in general.

  2. Cowicide says:

    If you’re kinda impatient like I am…

  3. jima says:

    Ken is, as most WFMU fans know, the king of animated GIFs. He posts plenty of them on his playlists:

  4. taras says:

    Love it.

    Reminds me of Julian Opie’s self-portrait in the National Portrait Gallery (London).  It looks static at first, but as you get closer you realise it’s “breathing”… then it blinks.

  5. Vinnie Tesla says:

    I was always very fond of the O’Reilly lemur on their website, which does much the same thing.

    • ldobe says:

      Is that a lemur?
      I thought it was an aye-aye, but after further research I can see the ears are all wrong for an aye-aye.

      It was the hands that made me do a doubletake for the lemur…. I’m no primatologist, or even really a biologist.  But from what I remember of the Krat brothers, lemurs look different from the animal in the illustration.  Their hands tend to be a little less bony.  Not that I’ve seen more than one or two different species of lemur at the zoo, and maybe a half-dozen different species on TV.

      Do you know what species that’s supposed to be?  I’m honestly curious.  I like to know everything about mascots, or really all animals we encounter in images all over the place, but don’t think deeply about.

      It always pisses me off to see an eagle on TV sweetened with a red-tailed hawk cry :-[  Sure eagle’s vocalizations aren’t “impressive” but I think a lot of people would side with me that it’s deceptive and stupid to always have eagles make a screeching cry, while in nature they only really chirp.

    • Teirhan says:

      Slow Loris?

      Edit: sorry, that was supposed to be a response to Idobe below.

  6. rocketpjs says:

    That would make an awesome poster/wall hanging art piece.  Couldn’t be in the bedroom though, or sleep would never come again.

  7. niktemadur says:

    The pace of the gif is just about as fast as the movie itself!
    Just kidding, A Space Odyssey is my all-time favorite movie, without even having to think about it.

  8. René Walter says:

    Its from the fantastic Tumblr “If we don’t remember me”, Inventor of Cinematic GIFs before they were a fashion-thing, still master of that stuff. Here’s their archive and here’s the original entry:

    • Adam B. says:

      I was wondering if someone was going to post the link to the original artist/blog. They’re called Cinemagrams. It’s an animated gif but only part of the image is animated, while the rest is a static image.

  9. Cross Cross says:

    If you want the fast one:

  10. swlabr says:

    This trick was used for a nice subtle effect in the 1962 short film La Jetee.

  11. cinerik says:

    I’d love a 1080p version of this to use as part of a screensaver for my home theater.  I think I have a new project…

  12. joeposts says:

    Great gif, the marching band walking through his facemask was my favourite part (about 15 minutes in).

  13. Bo Bendtsen says:

    Another way to control the gif, for the impatient:

  14. Peer Bentzen says:

    Mona Lisa should do that.

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