Storm chaser's gorgeous photography


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  1. Matt Popke says:

    I hope that cross is made of concrete or something suitably heavy. Otherwise, with those sharpened edges, it would make one hell of a projectile in a tornado. Imagine the photo of a church building speared with that thing.

  2. Neil Shurley says:

    This puts me in mind of Lara ZIelin’s YA novel, The Waiting Sky. It’s all about storm chasing and some of Zielin’s imagery is really vivid, coming to mind when I saw this photo.

  3. kringlebertfistyebuns says:

    I’ve followed Mike Hollingshead’s work for years, and he never fails to impress.  He’s got some amazing night-time photos too.  Well worth a look.

  4. Coyo Stormbringer says:

    nice dramatic thunderclouds there.

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