Storm chaser's gorgeous photography


Tornado-loving BB pal Jody Radzik just turned me on to Extreme Instability, a collection of one intrepid storm chaser's breathtaking weather photography. The above photo that I've taken it upon myself to title "Act of God" is from a bow echo in Watertown, South Dakota on August 3. The photographer: "I'm driving along, having gained at least a small bit of ground again, when I see this white cross and a roadside chapel next to the road. No way. Slam on the brakes, pull over and jump out of the car and shoot fast fast." Extreme Instability


  1. I hope that cross is made of concrete or something suitably heavy. Otherwise, with those sharpened edges, it would make one hell of a projectile in a tornado. Imagine the photo of a church building speared with that thing.

  2. This puts me in mind of Lara ZIelin’s YA novel, The Waiting Sky. It’s all about storm chasing and some of Zielin’s imagery is really vivid, coming to mind when I saw this photo.

  3. I’ve followed Mike Hollingshead’s work for years, and he never fails to impress.  He’s got some amazing night-time photos too.  Well worth a look.

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