TechCrunch launches Crunchgov to craft and pass better tech laws


10 Responses to “TechCrunch launches Crunchgov to craft and pass better tech laws”

  1. Peaked says:

    Is it just me, or does that text seem to imply that most of the tech industry is in favor of SOPA?

  2. Iunnrais says:

    Clicking on “Leaderboard” says that there’s a list of Representatives that have been graded. Where is the list?  Is it under development?  Is this website still “under construction”?

  3. puppybeard says:

    Better laws…better for whom?

    Sounds like an astro-turfing platform to me.

    I’m not in the US, but if I was, I wouldn’t want a Time-Warner publication acting as my political intermediary.

  4. paul says:

    Eek.  Or maybe I’m wrong about tech lobbies being the best place to look fo legislative criteria.

  5. dr says:

    I’d like to see more details on the methodology.  For example, from the first page of candidates why does Eric Cantor get a better grade than Gary Ackerman?  The information they list makes Ackerman’s tech record look better.

  6. Pulado Games says:

    They gave Kevin McCarthy a B record and he has said he would support SOPA or laws like it and he voted for CISPA. He even went to a fundraiser sponsored by the RIAA. That’s an F in my book.

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