Wheel of Urine

NewImage This Wheel of Urine is from Ullrich Pinder's Epiphanie Medicorum (1506). It was used to diagnose disease based on characteristics of the patient's piss, including its taste. Urinalysis is common today, of course. Well, not the tasting part. "The Urine Wheel" (SciAm)


  1. Back in the day, the guy diagnosing Diabetes Mellitus used to mean that description quite literally…

      1. For all its nontrivial downsides(in medicine, as well as in chemistry, and any other disciplines where it crops up), “let’s try tasting it” is probably the single biggest advance in analytical chemistry in human history….

  2. Back in the 1970s NBC wanted to turn the Wheel of Urine into a daytime game show, but focus group tests showed that potential contestants objected to the urine tasting part. So they retooled the idea as the Wheel of Fortune and television history was made.

    1. Well, it certainly was too daring for mass audiences, but I bet it can find a niche on some adult websites.

  3. We had a realy good vetrenary who did not send milk from mastitis cows to lab analysis, he tasted the warm rancid milk and could immediately prescribe the right antibiotic. Quicker and a lot cheaper!

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