Accessories for boys

Turning to page 326, we find a selection of sartorial wonderments for boys. The hats, the rayon ties, the better quality rayon ties, the Jr Commander and Jr Tech lids... It's a lad's paradise!

Boys' Accessories


      1. I thought you were joking, so I looked it up too and it’s true. They made WWII uniforms out of it because of wool shortages. Amazing, and stylish to boot!

  1. I want that red neck-tie with the airplane on it to wear through airport security.  Just in case there’s an exception to inspection for the feeble minded.

  2. A) Ben
    B) Matt
    C) Tagg
    D) Josh
    G) Craig

    What ? You didn’t think that any of ’em would be caught dead in the MILITARY outfits, did you ?

    1. Now that I think to adjust the prices for inflation, I think you’re on to something. A buck and a half for a child’s hat, in mid 1940s dollars, is insanely expensive, especially during war-time. This is a VERY rich person’s catalog.

      1. I went to an inflation calculator and it turns out that the most expensive here, the streamliner at $2.19, would cost $27.00 today. Not exactly a luxury item.

  3. This is how you get urban hipsters. Make them dress this way when they’re kids, and they’ll wear this stuff *ironically* a few years later.

  4. Christmas, 1948. Twelve-year-old Johnny opens a present- “Oh, boy! A new HAT! And it’s a Southwesterner! Gosh, thanks Mom and Dad!” Warms the heart.


    You can totally — and I mean completely, irrevocably, and irredeemably — ruin your grandson’s Christmas by putting one of these items under the tree for him this coming holiday season.

    Be sure to insist that he  wears his new hat when his friends come over to show off their presents.

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