Long dinosaur is long

Diplodocus is a sauropod — one of those dinosaurs whose shape you probably associate with the name "brontosaurus". Except that Diplodocus was long. Really long. At an average length of 90 feet, it's longest dinosaur ever found. Also: It might have had spines up and down its neck. Check out this LiveScience piece by Kim Ann Zimmermann for more fun Diplodocus facts.


  1. “Diplodocus was the longest dinosaur known from a complete skeleton. It averaged about 90 feet (27 meters) long, although adults could measure as much as 175 feet ”
    175 feet is rilly freakin’ long!

  2. I was about to ask how any creature could hold up its head with a neck that long. From pictures, though, it appears that most of its overall length was in the tail. The neck, while impressive, has proportions similar to a giraffe (judging from a quick Wikipedia scan).

    1. For those who prefer necks, there are always the nice sauropods here. Mamenchisaurus is particularly famous for having about half its length there.

  3. Its bones were also hollow which reduced their weight and take a look at those big crests on its vertebrae – that’s where enormous tendons and muscles attached to the bones.
    There was probably a lot of neck meat on these beasts, but it might have needed a long spell marinading to tenderise it ;)

  4. It’s interesting to point that Brontosaurus is an inaccurate name, one that has somehow persisted in popular culture. Nowadays, the Brontosaurus species is called Apatosaurus.

    1. There’s a very good reason for those spines to be there. Have you ever tried to wipe archaeopteryx guano off of your windshield using just one of those little napkins that you get at Starbucks?

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