How to know when your epic storm weather news comes from nerds

NPR's Linda Holmes in an article about hurricane coverage written in August, 2011:

It takes a while watching TWC before you realize that they are such weather nerds that they sometimes tend to see things from the storm's point of view. They talk about the shape of the storm as beautiful, or "great," or "improving," and what they mean is that the storm is thriving. It's along the lines of, "This storm is looking great. Your lawn furniture? Not so much." At first, when they say the storm is getting better, you the viewer assume it means "less fierce." But they actually mean "more efficient, in terms of destruction." This is how you know that they are true nerds, and not just poseurs. CNN anchors would never accidentally say a storm is great because it's so beautifully shaped that it will look great on the radar as it tears a few shingles off the Hot Dog Hut in Atlantic City.

(Via Jennifer Ouellette)


  1. Linda Holmes writes so entertainingly, at length, on so many topics that I keep waiting to hear that she’s some kind of collective pen name for NPR staff.

  2. It’s like when you‘re sick and somebody asks “How’s your cold?”  

    “The cold is doing great, judging by how crappy I feel.”

  3. As far as “nerds” and Frankenstorms go, I think a storm like this will result in a lot of kids actually watching the original “Frankenstein,” watch as the monster is lifted high into the sky during a storm & then understand what a “real” Frankenstorm is.

  4. Parasitologists are the same way. “Look how the parasite eats through the brain and turns you into a zombie! Isn’t that cool?”

  5. Storm porn is dangerous business. Live coverage of extreme weather requires extra heavy duty hairspray and waterproof makeup for reporters.

  6. The test of a first rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function.– Fitzgerald.

  7. I went to TWC website to see what they have to say about Hurricane Sandy and the title to today’s most popular article was:

    “5 Reasons Sandy Will Be Epic”


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