All the Bonds, fighting themselves

(Video link) Brad Hansen, the very nifty editor of the viral hit "The Lion King Rises," has pitted nearly every cinematic incarnation of James Bond -- Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig -- in a series of head-to-head death matches. Admit it -- you've always wanted to see which version of himself Bond could kill. Do you agree with the results? (Thanks, Brad!)


  1. Um, no. Moore, especially the later Moore, should lose big-time to any other Bond, and should make a smarmy joke just before he gets it.

  2. great idea. horrible execution.  Roger Moore is the weakest, most laughable Bond.  Daniel Craig and Sean Connery are CLEARLY to top dogs, taking out Craig in round one is a terrible mismatch.

    1. Damn, taking out Craig and Connery in the first two rounds? This video is trolling and it´s working. I´m positively furious right now.

      1. [spoiler redacted] was probably my favorite Bond. Remember that scene in [Variation on a Common Phrase] where he used the rigged [common household object] to [kill | seduce] [Sexually Suggestive Name]?

  3. The only acceptable outcome for Round 3 would be for Dalton and Brosnan to kill each other off. Both are too cheesy to live.

  4. I agree with the other commentators re: Roger Moore. Craig and Connery should definitely be the last two standing.

    Plus, they left out David Niven.

    1.  If they included Niven they would have had to include Allen, Sellers, Andress, Lavi and Pettet (which is why it is best to ignore that ridiculous spoof) What they missed out on was putting Thunderball Connery Bond up against Never Say Never Again Connery Bond.

  5. “Bond is a BRUTE.  I’ve already put him behind me.  I will never play him again.  Peace – that’s the message now.”

    George Lazenby, who clearly over-estimated the longevity of the Age of Aquarius, and under-estimated that of the Age of Bond.

  6. Nicely done!  I went in thinking  they’d do the popular, obvious thing and make it a Connery show. But nope, it was unpredictable, funny, and extremely well executed.

      1. Adding, I knew about the Barry Nelson/James Bond kinescope and was tickled to find it on YouTube, but I just now watched the whole thing. Forget Barry Nelson’s Americanized Bond. Peter Lorre is watchable/listenable no matter what he does. Peter Lorre as Le Chiffre? On live TV? I don’t want to go all whiffy on Lorre, but holy cow! Formidable! Ausgezeichnet! Awesomesauce!

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